Hi! I'm Joanne Guthrie and I'm a Professional Welder and Mixed Media Artist.

I love creating my mediums from scratch; from melting scrap metal in my forge to making inks from wild berries. I am passionate about sustainability and I'm happy to be setting a new standard for resourcefulness in my creative community.

My inspiration

I am inspired by the Earth. I find great joy in taking the natural materials that are provided and reconstructing them in creative, meaningful ways. Ultimately, I want to produce welded art and mixed media pieces that honour the natural beauty and wonder of our world. I value sustainability and I believe that through art, we can repurpose the resources nature gives us and use them to provoke passionate, soul-stirring conversations.

My mediums

Welded Metal Art
  1. With nearly 20 years of experience as a Journeyman B-pressure welder in the oil and gas industry, I feel most comfortable with a welding torch in my hand. But the industrial environment limited my ability to express my creativity. There is so much that can be accomplished using the welding fabrication process— and I wanted to explore my artistic visions. So, I made the decision to step away from the oil patch to pursue a full-time career producing metal art in St. Albert.

When creating welded art, I use a broad spectrum of materials, including steel, aluminum, nickel, copper, titanium, cast iron, and brass. I also utilize a range of techniques, experimenting until I am satisfied with an inspired, one-of-a-kind piece.

Mixed Media Art

In addition to metal art sculptures, I also regularly produce mixed media paintings and other artworks using a variety of materials, from soapstone and ink to wire and charcoal.

I pride myself on being a mixed-media artist that allows my creativity to run wild and I strive to leverage my options rather than limit them.

You'll notice common themes throughout my work.

Although I allow my creativity to flow freely, there are some common threads that appear throughout my collections. As an Alberta-based artist, these themes are a reflection of my environment, my lived experience, and my values.



I do not like to be wasteful. Thus, when creating metal art sculptures or producing art commissions, I always endeavour to use all of the materials or substances available to me. I want those who purchase my art to feel inspired not just by the piece itself, but also by the process in which it was made.



    I am intrigued by anything raw and unrefined. I think that authenticity is the most attractive characteristic. Therefore, I love celebrating imperfections and vulnerabilities in my work. Whether using untreated materials in my welded art or painting naked human bodies, I believe imperfection is a matter of perception.



The inevitable process of change is a major source of creative inspiration for me. I am constantly amazed by how nature transforms itself, and how humans are just another example of this biological cycle. My art often pays homage to the miracles of growth, adaptation, and human development. Change is often a remarkable thing.

My metal art sculptures and mixed media pieces may speak to you if…

You’re interested in supporting rising Alberta-based artists

You want to add more sustainable pieces to your collection that feature upcycled or raw materials

You appreciate authentic subject matter or enjoy seeing beauty in its most raw, unfiltered state

You respect the use of different artistic media.

You understand that art commissions are a labour of love and you value the time, energy, and dedication that goes into the creative process

There are two options available to you:


This is where you’ll find any completed metal art sculptures, paintings, or mixed media pieces I currently have available for sale.

I welcome requests for custom-made pieces.

Whether you’re looking for welded art, paintings, or a one-of-a-kind mixed-media visual, I’d be happy to create something special for you.



Thank you for your interest in my welded metal art and other works.

Truly. Whether or not you decide to invest in one of my pieces, I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about my passion. The creative path is a long, winding one, but it’s one I felt compelled to travel. I welcome every opportunity to share my creative visions with like-minded individuals. I hope, if nothing else, you will leave feeling inspired to make, say, or do meaningful things within your own life that align with your purpose and personal values.

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