About The Collection

Bird’s Eye View: Nature – An Emanation of Perfection


Bird’s Eye View: Nature – An Emanation of Perfection” is an art collection celebrating the profound connection between art and the natural world. Through two series, one featuring Scrap Metal Sculptures of Birds and the other showcasing Embroidered Artworks of Flowers and Birds on Handmade Paper, the collection highlights the exquisite harmony within our environment.

The scrap metal sculptures of birds represent nature’s resilience and the potential for renewal found even in unexpected places. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted from cut-off scrap metal pieces, symbolizing the coexistence of man-made elements and the natural world.

In contrast, the embroidered artworks on handmade paper depict the delicate beauty of flowers and birds. Inspired by the scrap metal sculptures, these embroidered pieces convey a sense of ethereal grace, celebrating the fleeting yet timeless cycles of life.

Bird’s Eye View: Nature – An Emanation of Perfection” invites viewers to embrace a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with nature. It encourages a bird’s eye view that appreciates the delicate balance between humanity and the environment, inspiring an appreciation for the world’s wonders and the responsibility we bear as stewards of our planet.