About the Collection

Underneath It All”


Welcome to “Underneath It All,” a captivating art collection that beautifully intertwines the human form with the fragile wonders of nature. Through an artistic blend of Handmade Organic Ink made from Wild Berries, Wire Bent on White Canvas, and Embroidery on Homemade Paper, this series delves into the profound vulnerability shared by both humanity and the environment.

Each piece is a poignant reminder of our delicate coexistence with the world around us, emphasizing the vital connections between individuals and nature’s fluidity. With a focus on nude torsos, this collection invites introspection and inspires empathy, encouraging viewers to reflect on our fundamental human experience.

Join us on a visual journey that unearths the delicate harmony between humans and nature, evoking a renewed appreciation for our shared fragility and the urgent need to cherish and safeguard our planet for generations to come.