``Step into a world where artistry and nature harmonize. Each creation blends raw natural essence with enduring metal strength, weaving a tale of resilience and beauty. Explore the gallery, immerse yourself in the transformative experience where the extraordinary converges with the elemental.``

“Hi, I’m Joanne Guthrie—


My sculptures and mixed media pieces celebrate sustainability by incorporating environmentally conscious practices and materials.

Each creation is a testament to my commitment to preserving and promoting a harmonious relationship between nature and art.

Join me on this artistic journey of fusion and innovation.

metal sculpture of the element water called Rain



Elevate your space with custom metal sculptures, enchanting gates, and captivating mixed-media art.

Explore our commission page now and bring your unique ideas to life.



The Collections

Bird’s Eye View

Nature: A Emanation of Perfection


‘Where nature’s delicacy meets industrial strength.

From embroidered birds on homemade paper to robust metal sculptures, each piece tells a tale of resilience and beauty.

Explore the fusion of art and industry.

                                                                                                              artwork of a bird flying through the air beside a tree branch with pink flower displayed in a white frame


Underneath It All


A captivating exploration of vulnerability.

Using homemade wild berry ink, calligraphy pen outlines, and delicate sea sponge shading,

each piece unveils the courage to expose one’s true self.

Join us on a visual journey celebrating imperfection and self-discovery.



The Elements


 Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of art and nature,

where each sculpture embodies Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Where Each Sculpture Becomes a Harmonious Symphony of Form and Emotion.

Metal sculpture representing The Earth

Client Testimonials



“Joanne’s artwork is not just visually stunning but also carries a powerful message of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Her dedication to using eco-friendly materials and techniques truly sets her apart.

I am proud to display her pieces in my home, knowing that each creation is a testament to both artistic talent and environmental responsibility.”

– Sarah. Spruce Grove, AB.



“Joanne’s portrayal of Coco in her portrait is truly remarkable. At the time, I sensed she had captured Coco’s essence, but now, in Coco’s absence, the depth of Joanne’s artistry is even more profound. Every time I look at the portrait, it’s as if Coco is still with us, radiating her spirit into the room. This beautiful artwork brings me immense comfort, and I will forever treasure it as a heartfelt tribute to my beloved Coco. Thank you, Joanne, for your exceptional talent and for creating such a meaningful piece.”

                                                      – Vanda, Calgary, AB


“Working with Joanne was an absolute pleasure. Her passion for art and commitment to sustainability shines through in every piece she creates. I commissioned a custom artwork for my office space, and not only did Joanne deliver a masterpiece that exceeded my expectations, but she also ensured that the materials used were eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking unique, environmentally conscious artwork.”

– Mark D. Edmonton, AB.




“Joanne Guthrie’s art is a true reflection of her passion for both creativity and sustainability. Each piece tells a story of environmental consciousness and artistic ingenuity, making them not just artworks but also symbols of a greater cause.

I am proud to support an artist who not only produces exceptional art but also strives to make a positive impact on our planet.”

– Rachel, Edmonton, AB.



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