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' Underneath It All ' Wire on Canvas on display at The Corridor Gallery







Artists About Town: Birds of heavy metal and delicate pape

The bird’s eye view of Joanne Guthrie’s studio must be a sight of some eclectic art-making tools. The professional welder who spends her downtime from the oilpatch making metal creations of her own devising has since expanded her practice into some decidedly delicate crafts as well. She makes her own paper and artistic media and uses found objects for her newest oeuvre: embroidery wall art. Read the Full Article Here:








St. Albert VASA Gallery Exhibitions

Modern Luxuria October Edition Vol. 17



Celebrating Nature Through Sustainable Art. (pages 52-57)

Ever since her first art class in high school, Joanne Guthrieknew her path would lead her to welding and metal art. One of her first works in the school’s mechanic shop was enough to understand that this is her passion. Extensive knowledge and skill are required to be an artist who can work with metal and heat, and Joanne has gained these skills through her 20-years welding career. The direction of her career was determined by her love for creating metal art pieces, as this job gave her the opportunity to learn and work with materials that she wanted to create with. A welding career provided a great one for Joanne and her family while allowing her to learn and work with metal and heat and master her skills

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Engage : Welder's Lifestyle Magazine


Volume 6 Issue 7

Sparks Fly For Her Art

For the past two years Joanne Guthrie has been crawling into corroded pipes and pressure vessels performing patchwork repairs and maintenance work on the refineries that act as the backbone of Alberta’s economy.

She’s been sent into small cramped spaces, up and down scaffolding, despite an intense fear of heights, and into some of the most corrosive environments as part of duties as a professional welder.

“I’ve done acid shutdowns, where we had to wear the big rubber suits,” she says. “It’s dangerous, you’re around sulphuric acid, acid and ammonia. It’s gross.”

That’s when she started thinking: Is this really what I want to be doing for the next 10 to 20 years?

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The Four Elements Collection

The Four Elements is a series of metal art sculptures paying its respect to the core components of our environment— fire, wind, rain, and earth. These welded art installments celebrate the purpose each element serves, acknowledging their significance and emphasizing their function. 

I focused on highlighting not just the shapes of these elements, but also their texture, lines, and patterns. The sculptures are an abstract portrayal, taking the unique characteristics of each element and reworking them into simple, yet evocative silhouettes.

Maskihkîy Âcimowin / Medicine Stories

Stories can be medicine for communities, for families and for individuals in the work of healing, reconciliation and building new and right relationships.

In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action, the Diocese of Edmonton’s Indigenous Ministries Initiative and Bleeding Heart Art Space collaborated on Maskihkîy âcimowin/Medicine Stories, a public art installation that was open from Saturday, May 27th to National Aboriginal Day, June 21st, 2017. This project was made possible by funding from the Anglican Foundation of Canada.


Sparks Fly For Her Art

Joanne Guthrie weld one of her art projects in her studio.


Joanne Guthrie weld one of her art projects in her studio.


Artist About Town

Joanne  Guthrie’s welded Red Bike Sculpture was put on display at Crank’y Bike Shop during the St. Albert Farmers’ Market on Saturday.


The Underneath It All Collection

There is strength in bareness. Those who are able to strip themselves of their layers and stand proudly, stark and bare, are perhaps the bravest of us all. 

As a mixed media artist, I felt compelled to explore the concept of exposure. To me, it appeared to be a process— a process of getting comfortable with oneself, a process of revealing oneself, and a process of shedding the things that no longer serve us.

We mask so much of ourselves, putting a more palatable veneer over the parts we think aren’t lovable or desirable or good enough.

But what would we discover if we let the layers fall away?

That is what this art collection is all about. The nakedness depicted in each piece is a physical representation of the strength of bareness. The paintings represent the journey to owning that strength. 



I encourage you to keep checking back to see more welded art or paintings for sale, as I am continuously creating.

I never know what will spur my imagination next— and that, for me, is the joy of being fully dedicated to my artistic passion.

Charles Cooley once said,

“The artist can not fail, it is a success to be one”, and that is truly how I feel at this moment.

                                         I hope you’ll visit again soon.

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