Embroidery on Paper

Avenue Twist


Introducing “Avenue Twist” – an enchanting artwork that radiates an aura of intimacy and authenticity as if the very essence of life is entwined within its delicate threads.

The choice of handmade paper imparts a profound significance to the piece. The meticulous embroidery adds depth and texture to the portrayal, unveiling the interconnectedness of human emotions and the intricate tapestry of existence. Its tender and fragile nature serves as a reminder of life’s transient beauty and the fragility that unites us all. Like a delicate dance along an uncertain path, “Avenue Twist” embodies the fleeting moments that define the human experience.

This artwork dauntlessly explores the power of vulnerability and the beauty of being unapologetically genuine. The naked form symbolizes the courage to embrace one’s true self, free from the confines of societal norms.

Avenue Twist” invites us to celebrate our imperfections, acknowledging that vulnerability is not a weakness but a testament to our strength and resilience. With “Avenue Twist,” you will embark on a transformative journey that celebrates the natural, vulnerability, and fragility that make us beautifully and uniquely human.



Title: Avenue Twist

Medium: Embroidery on Handmade Paper

Dimensions:  Framed  13″ x 17″

Weight 1 kg