Ink on Paper



Presenting “Courageous” – a captivating artwork from the profound collection, “Underneath It All.” This remarkable piece showcases a male torso skillfully painted with natural wild organic homemade berry ink. “Courageous” exudes a powerful aura that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers to delve into the delicate relationship between mankind and the untamed beauty of nature.

Courageous” serves as a thought-provoking centrepiece, evoking contemplation and encouraging a deeper appreciation for our place within the natural world. The fusion of the human form and the organic ink creates an enchanting composition, igniting conversations about the profound interdependence between humans and nature.

Embrace the spirit of “Courageous” and let its captivating presence inspire you to embrace your strength and cherish the delicate balance that sustains life on Earth. This extraordinary artwork will make a bold statement in any space, captivating art enthusiasts and environmental advocates alike. Own a piece of “Underneath It All” and celebrate the courage that lies within us, uniting us with the wonders of the wild and empowering us to protect our precious planet.




Title: Courageous

Medium: Homemade Saskatoon, Cherry, Raspberry and Blueberry Ink on Paper

Dimensions: 17”x 24”-  Framed

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 70 cm