Embroidery on Paper

Majestic Potential


Majestic Potential”  is a stunning piece of artwork that captures the essence of nature in a unique and captivating way. The simplistic techniques used in this embroidery and its unique texture from the homemade paper add depth and character to the artwork. The simple flowers evoke a sense of tranquillity and peace.

The vibrant yellow colour of the bird and the intricate details of its feathers make it a stunning addition to any art collection. The intricate embroidery, combined with the delicate simplicity of the flowers, creates a mesmerizing visual effect that is both calming and energizing. “Majestic Potential” is perfect for art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of nature and the art of embroidery.



Title: Majestic Potential

Medium: Embroidery on Handmade Paper

Dimensions: 13″ x 17″ Framed – Black

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 10 × 70 cm