Embroidery on Paper

Red Game


Introducing “Red Game” – an evocative and powerful artwork that will leave you entranced by its beauty and depth. As a part of the captivating collection “Underneath It All,” this masterpiece captures the essence of natural beauty, vulnerability, and fragility with unparalleled artistry.

The naked figure symbolizes the courage to shed societal norms and expectations, revealing the vulnerability that lies beneath the surface. In this act of daring self-revelation, “Red Game” beckons us to celebrate the inherent strength in embracing our authentic selves.
The choice of handmade paper lends a distinctive texture to the artwork, signifying the delicate nature of life’s journey. It reminds us of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of cherishing our shared humanity.

The artwork delves fearlessly into the heart of vulnerability, inviting viewers to embrace their true selves without inhibition or fear of judgment.
Invite the allure of “Red Game” into your space and immerse yourself in its thought-provoking narrative. This artwork is not just an object of beauty; it is a catalyst for deep introspection and reflection on the delicate balance between strength and fragility within us all.



Title: Red Game

Medium: Embroidery on Handmade Paper

Dimensions:  Framed  13″ x 17″

Weight 1 kg