Metal Bird Sculpture

House Finch



Experience the magnetism of the “House Finch,” a captivating small sculpture that blends artistry with sustainability. Crafted from repurposed scrap metal, this enchanting piece breathes new life into discarded materials, transforming them into a delightful representation of nature’s beauty.

Graceful and whimsical, the “House Finch” adds a touch of the natural world to any setting. Whether displayed on a windowsill, bookshelf or as part of a garden-inspired centrepiece, it brings a sense of joy and wonder to your space.

This artful creation extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, serving as a symbol of responsible creativity and environmental consciousness. By utilizing scrap metal to craft this masterpiece, the “House Finch” embodies the beauty that can emerge from reimagining discarded materials, prompting us to appreciate the significance of sustainability in art.

The “House Finch” makes for a perfect gift, combining art and conservation in a thoughtful and inspiring manner. Celebrate the elegance of the natural world and the ingenuity of repurposed art with this captivating sculpture.



Title: House Finch

Medium: Carbon Steel

Dimensions: L10” x W2” x H7”

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 10 × 70 cm