Metal Bird Sculpture

Short Billed Dowitcher



Introducing the “Short-billed Dowitcher” – an extraordinary artwork crafted with ingenuity and sustainability at its core.
Inspired by the grace of the short-billed dowitcher, this mesmerizing sculpture is meticulously handcrafted from scrap metal cut-off pieces. Each piece, carefully selected; fits together like an artistic puzzle, forming a stunning mosaic that brings the dowitcher’s elegance to life.

At our gallery, we celebrate the seamless blend of creativity and sustainability. The “Short-billed Dowitcher” exemplifies our dedication to preserving nature’s beauty through art, inspiring a deep appreciation for the wonders of our environment.

Elevate your space with this modern and geometric marvel. As a centrepiece on your mantle, desk, or nature-inspired display, the “Short-Billed Dowitcher” will effortlessly captivate the eyes and hearts of your guests.

Shop now and bring home the artful splendour of the “Short-Billed Dowitcher.” Embrace this remarkable sculpture and embark on a captivating journey of artistic ingenuity and visual delight, as we continue to create stunning masterpieces that leave a positive impact on our planet.


Title: Short Billed Dowitcher

Medium: Carbon Steel

Dimensions:  L22” x W3” x H6”

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 10 × 70 cm